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Hello Everyone!

This is Kevin, just turned 9 last month and now
since I’m a grown up, I’m helping run a company called PureFUN!. Lot’s of stuff happened this year, here’s some of it…

It’s almost our birthday, PureFUN turns 20 on January 1, 2019! People like it here, 1/2 of them have been here more than 5 years. 25% have been here 10 years or more! (That’s my entire life!!!)

Hello 52 new customers! You’re awesome!

You guys bought almost 686,000 items! (Favorite: Chicken Nuggets… Not Favorite: Corn) More stuff… we have 12 big trucks and 1 little one. Two guys named Jeff make sure its got the right stuff in it and gets there on time.

Hello 5 new babies! Welcome to the family!

The guys in the warehouse say “Hey!”. All 15 of them are busy finding stuff to put in the trucks for you. (They ride fork lifts, Ms. Jan says…”Be careful!” Mr. JJ says…”Make sure you get the right things!”). 12 Drivers go out on 42 routes to get to you.

Hello 195 Operation Christmas Children!  Hope you like what we sent!

Ms. Wendy’s team is so nice (Emmain, Chad and Alyssa) They eat lunch together sometimes when they’re not helping you order stuff. (Usually on the phone though.)

Naughty List
– Mitchell (He likes the Florida Gators. I don’t.)

Nice List
– Aubrey (She’s super smart AND nice!)
– Chad (He’s cool, got a big beard.)
– Jerry (He’s like a scientist or something. Everybody asks him for stuff.)

Everybody says “thank you” for helping us help kids and Merry Christmas!


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Mo Thomasos Director of Marketing & Communication