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Regulatory: Grain Requirement in the CACFP

Effective Date: Currently in effect

Whole grain-rich can be a confusing term. This memo outlines and provides additional clarification to the grains component of the new meal pattern as well as provides an extensive and updated Q&A. Please note that this memo introduces ingredients you can disregard when determining if a product is whole grain-rich.This includes cornstarch.

Why It Matters:
Sometimes transitions are difficult; the move to whole grains have been no exception. Many asked for additional guidance and this clarification proved that your voice is heard. Your voice matters. We must continue to advocate for the children in our care, provide the healthiest meals possible, and work together to ensure the highest level of participation and integrity possible.

Please reference the entire memo along with the extensive Q&A included in the full-text memo for further clarification. This summary is not intended to replace the USDA memo.

Source: USDA

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